International Association of successful women





The Community of Successful women which accepts and supports absolutely any
woman, from any country or island of our Planet, both as financially and
psychologically. All women are given support despite the language or nationality.


Hot Line
It always has available channels, where we are ready to
answer you 24 hours a day.

The Association is aimed to melt the following concepts and statuses:

  1. A multiple children single mom
  2. A woman who is in need of a benefit  
  3. A sick woman
  4. An unhappy woman  
  5. Pool and unloved woman
  6. An old woman
  7. A woman who is lost in life (a strayed woman)
  8. A steamrolled and insulted woman


The Association of Successful Women supports every woman on the Plan both psychologically and financially. The key to that is in the Fund of the Association, which assists the women in acquiring a good education, and a beloved profession. The Association helps women from the whole world to find the activity according to each individual woman’s interests and as a result, to obtain one’s role in the world. Finding a place in the sun and help every woman to keep this place is one of our primary goals.

Psychologists and specialist of different professions who work in the Association receive phone calls and applications every day. They process the information and respond immediately when an inquiry from the whole world comes. The hot line of the Association is always at your disposal, thanks to the technical achievements of the mankind and the efforts of high-skilled personnel. No woman’s voice will be forgotten. The voice of a woman is what always heard here at any time of the day and at any weather conditions.

The association is aimed at recreating new human relationships. By helping the women of the whole Planet to adapt to a social life, having unleashed their consciousness from financial and psychological problems, the Association revives new relationship kinds between a man and a woman.

A Charity Club of successful women provides the members of the Association with everything to begin a new life.
The specialists of the Association lend assistance to those, who have lost somebody in the life as well. They help to re-create beloved ones, thus the death turns into nothing but a procedure at the wish of a person himself. From now on love will not be discontinued by death, and will not be drowned by hatred. Love is eternal. So are the people. From now on, the Eternity is available to a human’s consciousness.



24/7 every woman receives a FREE OF CHARGE immediate assistance from the following specialists:


A corporeal psychology (healing psychology).
Coaching instructor-physiologist
Positive reinforcement (motivation) trainer (a fast start).
Risk management specialist (financial risks).
Psychologist (mental disturbances).
Behavioral therapist (mood swing).
Psychoneurosomatic rehabilitation.
Dentist (consulting assistance).
Image maker (style fitting).
Therapeutic psychology.





Currently our Hot Line operates in the following 12 languages:

  • Spanish.


  • English.
  • French.
  • German.
  • Italian.
  • Japanese.
  • Chinese.
  • Russian.
  • Persian.
  • Mongolian.
  • Kazakh.
  • Bashkir.


In case if your native language IS NOT in the list, please, call us anyways. The specialists of our hot line use a special voice over translation software which operates in all languages of the world. Any woman from the entire world will receive an absolutely free of charge assistance. The problems of any level are just a temporary occasion. Call us, write us, or come to visit us and we will gladly help you!

The Central Management of the Association is on the Antilles Islands.
The President of the Association –

Elena Sanchez Novo




The official representatives of the Association are currently in 9 countries of the world:

do*Republica Dominicana

* RussiaRussia-little

* ItalyItalia-little

* Switzerlandthumb_швейцария флаг

* Germanyfile1336842834

* Austriaat

* Americaunited-states-flag-32x32

* Kazakhstan1286729007f

* Swedense  

   The following enterprieses are available for the women who have become the members of the Association:

  • The Center of Financial Support.
  • International Marriage Agency.
  • The Center of Birth Conception.
  • Center of the Child Development
  • The Center of Creative Work and Innovative Technologies (Grants)
  • Training Center
  • TV Show of the International Television “TIEMPO TV Internacional” with Elena Sanchez.
  • International radio program “LA VIDA DEL AMOR” with Elena Sanchez.
  • International Online Show «FORTUNE SHOW».
  •  International Consulting Center   


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